22nd Sept – Module Begins

The Module Begins

Well, not properly yet of course but if you want to be good at something you have to work at it right?

So I’ve looked over the guides, read the first part of the Educational Enquiry book and all looks pretty straightforward. Good thing I know a lot of academics for picking brains about research. Thing is, there’s so much I need to know right now that it’s hard to find a place to start. I read the 1.2 study earlier today so I’m going to sleep on it, let the content and structure sink in a bit and revisit it in the morning for a fresh, detailed read. Thoughts on that and something interesting I found on Google Scholar on the morrow.

Teaching Language

Just such an interesting process. I can understand why people are fascinated by Child Language Acquisition but in my opinion Additional Language Acquisition is an equal field. A subject I’d love to do some research on when I get some time and resources is to look at the differences between the outcomes of explicit grammar instruction and implicit instruction. The first, like an average additional language lesson, is structured according to the specific syntactic structures of the target language, the second is Rosetta Stone and other approaches which lead the student to reason out the grammar using their own linguistic intuition. In my own studies I do like “book-learning” and I’m extremely self-powered when hunting out learning opportunities so I freely admit to being a bad judge of what really works for others – everything is interesting to me. I feel that, as with everything, a middle road is required. A bit of everything. Anyway I’ll have to put methods of teaching on my “find some literature” list – see if someone’s already done it.

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